With the ever increasing instance of lock snapping in Doncaster, it may be worthwhile considering exchanging your existing uPVC door handles for pas 24 handles.

What are pas 24 handles?

To snap a lock in half a thief needs to be able to grip the end of the lock barrel. These high-security handles protect the end of the barrel and prevent this. Rather than being hollow, the outside handle is made of extruded aluminium and the bolt at the bottom is made of thick high tensile steel. There is also a guard placed over the keyway to resist picking and drilling.

Better than antisnap locks

In our opinion, pas 24 handles will help prevent lock snapping more than antisnap locks and give a very high visual deterrent as well.

They, unfortunately, do not fit every type of uPVC and composite door but certainly the vast majority that have been fitted in the last 15 years.

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