Lock snapping accounts for over 90% of burglaries we attend.

Looking for snap-proof locks?

Anti-snap locks are now available which are snap proof, these brilliant locks can not be snapped. Call us now for a free estimate or to book an appointment to find out more about anti-snap locks in Doncaster.

What happens?

Thieves are increasingly targeting the weak point in locks fitted to uPVC and composite doors. You will also find these same locks fitted to most new apartment flats and some wooden doors... 95% of burglaries that Danum Locksmiths attend in the Doncaster area are where locks have been snapped.

The lock itself is called a “euro cylinder” and is made mainly of brass. Brass is a soft metal that does not corrode, which is ideal for the properties required to produce a lock that will last for a long period with no maintenance.

But with very simple tools and a little knowledge, the euro cylinder can be “snapped” in half! When the outside half is then removed, access to the locking part of the multi-point lock can be achieved and the door unlocked.

What can be done to stop lock snapping?

Anti-snap locks are now available which are snap proof. This brilliant locks can not be snapped. The added bonus is these locks also have added protection. There are other ways that thieves use to bypass the locks. These methods have also been stopped with the fitting of these anti-snap locks. They can not be picked, bumped and also can not be drilled without a specific drill bit, available only to locksmiths.

Do anti-snap locks cost the earth?

No is the simple answer. We have packages to suit every pocket and these offer fantastic value considering they will protect your homes from an unauthorised access. Danum Locksmiths are the leading Doncaster Locksmiths and recommend that everybody should seriously think about having their locks checked.

Our 2 year guarantee

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Ultion lock for ultimate protection

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Is lock bumping and lock snapping the same? 

These two terms are totally different and though lock bumping is on the increase, it is not as great a threat as snapping… yet!

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