Have you a problem with a conservatory door?

At Danum Locksmiths, we only repair existing doors and will have no intention of trying to sell you a new door or even a new conservatory.

When the locks fail on a uPVC door, it can often be still in a closed position. This is where the skill and experience of a locksmith come into its own. We can open the door with little fuss and replace the faulty locking mechanism.

Why has my conservatory door failed?

There is usually a reason for the failure, and Danum Locksmiths is a specialist in this area. We will assess the reason why the lock failed and ensure that it will not happen again in the near future. This will allow many years of subsequent use of your existing conservatory.

Alignment problems usually cause the locking mechanism on a conservatory door to fail. This makes it difficult to lock the door over time and eventually causes a breakage within the lock itself. Danum Locksmiths will realign the door and ensure the locking process is smooth and correct.

Let us replace the door parts

Regardless of how old the lock is, we can replace the parts. We recently replaced locks that Everest, Coldseal, Anglian, Safestyle , and Yorkshire Windows had fitted. All these doors were out of warranty and over 10 years old. Some of the door locks were replaced with exactly the same ones that were originally installed; the others had upgraded locks fitted.

All parts fitted are guaranteed for two years, and we would expect at least ten years of future use. If the handles are looking worn, these can be replaced as well. Giving the door a “like new” appearance. The old barrels can also be upgraded to high-security anti-snap versions. This will prevent thieves from trying to gain access unlawfully. Read our article about anti-snap locks for more information on this matter.

Call Danum Locksmiths

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