In the Doncaster area, there continues to be a spate after spate of break-ins using the method of “lock snapping.” The simple reality is that unless all uPVC doors that do not have anti-snap locks upgrade their existing locks soon, this will not go away!

Weak door locks snapped out

uPVC doors are put into a secure position when the handle is lifted. When the key is turned, this locks up the multipoint lock, and the door is locked solid. The part in which you put the key is called a euro cylinder. This is, in fact, the weak point and can, on the majority of doors, be snapped out if you know how.

To continue with the theme of “spates”, thieves invariably get caught. This should be the end of the problem in your area, but the justice system will allow these undesirables out within a short while to continue where they left off, and the crimes will start again.

So often, an area can go cold for a while, and homeowners dismiss the need to protect their homes until they begin again. Do you want to take this risk?

Secure lock upgrades

Upgrading the locks on uPVC and composite doors is not a significant undertaking and, in my opinion, not that expensive. To give an approximate idea of the cost to change over three door locks, it is £210 for Ultion 3-star plus cylinders, which is about the same as the excess you will pay on an insurance claim. Then, your premiums will increase next year, which needs to be factored in.

If they want to get in…

I’m often quoted the words—they will get in if they want to. I’m not convinced that this is correct when talking about lock snapping. If a thief comes to gain access into your home through lock snapping and fails, he will leave and try next door. He will not have come prepared for different options; it’s not how their minds work!

The solution… anti-snap locks

Lock snapping is quick, with virtually no noise, and easy, but change your locks to anti-snap, and they will be defeated. Danum Locksmiths carries all sizes to suit all types of doors fitted in the Doncaster area and can complete your lock upgrade on the initial visit and consultation.

We can offer you a visual demonstration while you are present to explain the weakness of your existing locks and why the alternatives offer such brilliant security for your home.

Free lock quote and demonstration

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