If you suddenly find you can not lock your uPVC door or perhaps even get the door open after you have turned the key, there is every chance the multipoint lock has failed.

The multipoint lock is the locking strip running down the edge of the door which keeps the door secure. After time this can fail, due to wear and tear usually.

Save money, let us repair or replace the door mechanism

Danum Locksmiths is able to repair or replace your faulty door mechanism for a fraction of the cost of a new door. This can also be done the same day you call if required. Our guarantee for the repair or replacement lasts two years after completion. This will save you hundreds of pounds over a new door.

There are numerous manufacturers of multipoint locks, ERA, GU, Fuhr, Advocet, Mila, and Lockmaster to name a few. We have all of these in stock at all times and are in a great position to offer great discounts to our local Doncaster customers. Because we specialise in multipoint lock repairs in Doncaster, we are able to always buy our stock in bulk, ensuring big price reductions.

Poor door alignment

If you find that the door is just difficult to lock, lift the handle while the door is still in the open position. If all is smooth, we can guess the multipoint lock is ok. The problem here will be in the alignment of the door. This will be causing the locking points to “rub” and cause friction. It can even prevent the door from locking altogether. This just requires the door to be realigned, either on the hinges or packing the door panel.

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Danum Locksmiths is happy to quote you for either a multipoint lock repair, replacement or service free of charge.

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