Have problems with a tilt-and-slide or tilt-and-turn door?

Danum locksmiths have gained vast amounts of experience working in the uPVC repair industry. Twenty to thirty years ago, tilt and slide/turn doors were trendy. Though great doors, they require maintenance after years of use.

If you cannot open the door now or find that it is coming off its track, sometimes off the top track, we can help. Danum Locksmiths have access to most of the significant original supplier’s parts and can repair your door at a fraction of the cost of a replacement door. If the handle is spinning or stuck in position, it will require a new locking mechanism known as a “drive gear”. If the door wants to fall inwards, the top gliders have worn out and need replacing. This can be a two-minute job and take forever, depending on how the door has been installed and if the blinds are fitted. The bottom running gear needs a service, which is often why the door fails. Having it looked at will save the need for a NEW DOOR.

We can also replace the handles on these doors where keys have been lost. Alternatively, the door may just require a service to help it slide across and lock smoothly.

So even if the original supplier is no longer trading and you have been told to replace the whole door, 1st call Stephen at Danum Locksmiths on  01302 460356 or 07771 728259 for a quote. You can be assured of an accurate quote if you can gather information from the door.

If you require a quote, call us on 01302 460356 or 07771 728259.

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