Are you in need of a repair to a uPVC door or window repair?

Look no further than Danum Locksmiths. The vast majority of our work now involves repairing or replacing the working parts of uPVC doors and windows. A uPVC door is held securely shut via a multipoint lock. This has an average lifespan of 10-12 years where it will then most likely fail leaving you with what is still a good door but not one you can lock or unlock.

If you find yourself in this situation, call us now and often we can be with the same day you call.  An approximate price is given over the phone and this will be confirmed on arrival. There is no call out fee involved and so we will not charge if you change your mind.

Common window faults

Even if you have an older window all parts can still be sourced or equivalents offering higher levels of security. uPVC window repairs involving the locking mechanism’s, hinges and handles are a large part of our service and capabilities. A common fault on windows is that you can no longer open the window. The gearing will have failed but this does not mean a new window is required.

Our vast knowledge in opening these windows ensures we will have your window working like new. The hinges and handles on windows can be exchanged as well and are carried with us.

Professional window locksmiths in Doncaster

So if your windows require a little attention, call now on 01302 460356 for a fast and professional service.

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